19 year old Avrill is like any other person who wants to start college. However a dark shadow has always followed her, causing her to become a partial insomniac. A cruel voice always at the back of her mind...Telling her all her faults, picking at every single flaw.

A short visual novel made for Tyranobuilder Summer Jam 2017, as my first Visual Novel that was made in 11 days. Please enjoy!

**Side note: In full screen mode sometimes the text bubble or sprite overlaps the actual text.


Art and Story by: Aura La Circa


Nevermore – Tanner Helland

The Haunting – Tanner Helland

Now or Never – Tanner Helland

Tomorrow – Bensound

Acoustic Breeze – Bensound

Memories – Bensound

Disturbed - Soundscape

Sound effects:

Music Box melody – Undead505

Female Evil Laugh - Madamvicious

Notifications2 – Thoribass



Iphone – thegoose09

Cell-phone-Vibrate- Smartwentcody

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